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Print Estimating Software
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Print Estimating Software for Newspapers and Commercial Web Offset Printers

Star*Key Software develops software solutions for the printing industry. Our flagship product is a print estimating software application for newspaper and commercial web offset printers called the Presstimator. In addition to printing estimating software, additional options include:

Mutiple User supprt. Have a single set of Shop Settings that multiple users can access to calculate accurate Quotes at the same time.

Estimate vs. Actuals Analysis compares estimated values with the job's actual production results.

Total Usage Report generates a report for a selected month to view all of the materials, waste and labor for the Jobs in that time period.

Profit Analysis will calculate the actual profit/loss of a selected set of jobs by comparing the Actual Costs to your Selling Prices.

Pressroom Production Actuals application allows pressroom actuals (counters and time) entered on the pressroom floor to be immediately available to the estimator for the Estimate vs. Actuals and Profit Analysis reports.

Web Form importing is a fully-customizable, online web form which allows sales staff and/or potential clients to fill out job specs online and submit the 'Request For A Quote' directly to the Presstimator

Interface with QuickBooks to send Customers, Estimates and Invoices directly from the Presstimator into QuickBooks.

Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) application which, when used in conjunction with the Presstimator, can provide you with the information needed to prepare accurate job quotes!

For more information, please visit In addition to containing FAQ's, product features, sample reports, comparisons to spreadsheet estimating, BHR information and ROI discussions, the website offers a downloadable Presstimator Tour. Visitors to the website can also request a free demo disk of the Presstimator.

April 2018 - Announcing the Release of Version 7.1 of the Presstimator.


- Microsoft SQL Server support

- Multiple Job Formats, Sizes combined within a single Quote for "special section" capability

- Rate Card Estimating

- 10 Additional Quantities and First 1000 Cost features

- New Reports provide powerful summaries for your printing operations